Day 21 ~ Golden Health ~ Golden Life ~

Hi Folks,

Gotta love those ED recipes. Been traveling and STILL enjoying ED healthy foods having more energy than the others on the trip. Even doing the exercises the morning has given me more sustaining energy to enjoy the day, including hiking and swimming beyond the “young dudes” along!

Many have asked how I do it….


Dax !!

Dax + Elimination Diet !

My family and friends see how easy it is, even on vacation,…


How I look leaner as well as healthier.

Here’s a great health tip that’s fun to enjoy …. Hope you enjoy it too !

A Golden Fruit that helps your Immune system~

Golden Health with Kiwi !

Golden Health with Kiwi !

You could help keep your immune system fighting strong just by eating one or two of these little golden beauties every day: kiwifruit.

In a short study, eating a couple of golden kiwifruits daily dramatically reduced oxidative damage to immune-system-related cell structures in the study participants’ bodies.

Sweet Protection
Golden kiwifruit is sweeter tasting but just as nutritious as its more common cousin — green-hued kiwifruit. And in the study, the golden variety was responsible for dramatically boosting blood levels of several kinds of antioxidants — including vitamin C — after just 4 weeks of daily noshing. What’s more, those little fruits appeared to reduce blood levels of two types of oxidative substances — compounds that wreak havoc on cell health. And eating kiwifruit appeared to be particularly protective of lymphocytes — a type of blood cell the immune system uses to protect the body from infection and disease.

Guard Your Disease Fighters
Then there are kiwifruit’s two bonus benefits: it also helped thin the blood (reducing the risk of blood clots) and helped dial down people’s triglycerides — a type of blood fat that may increase the risk of stroke or heart disease. If your local grocery store doesn’t carry golden kiwifruit, consider the green variety. Other studies involving kiwifruit suggest the green variety may help lymphocytes repair existing oxidative damage to their DNA.

Enjoy a Happy Healthy Summer with ED, Dax, and your loved ones !

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