Day 19 and 20 ~ Easy Ways to be Better at Life ~

Enjoy Life ~ Simply !

Enjoy Life ~ Simply !

Hi Everyone,

Since did more traveling where internet was little and none, so posted two days worth today.

It is amazing to think it will soon be three weeks into the Elimination  Summer Diet.

Have to admit, the food has been awesome, since it is nutrient dense that has really …Really helped in enjoying the recipes. That, along with the exercises that actually GIVE me energy from doing them it has been a Win ~ Win time for me.

Also feel so thankful to have a supportive group here as well. Feel this makes it SO much easier as well as motivating too.

Here”s some things learned thus far ….


1. Get stronger – Start with a simple workout (like the ones Dax provides on YouTube !), and keep track of your stats – how many sets and repetitions you do for each exercise.  As long as you can do ONE more repetition today’s workout compared to your last workout, do it in less time, you are officially improving.

2. Run faster – When you go for a run today, track the distance and time on your iPhone or simply use Google Maps and a stopwatch to determine your distance and time.  It doesn’t matter if it takes you 45 minutes to walk a mile today.  As long as you can walk it in 44 minutes and 59 seconds next time, you are officially faster.

3. Do a pull up – Old or young, man or woman, big or small – everybody has the ability within them to do a freaking pull up.  You might be quite a ways off depending on where you are now, but you can start putting a plan in place TODAY to eventually do one.  This is one of the greatest exercises of all time, and a true test of strength and fitness.

 4. Improve your flexibility – The majority of us all spend the day sitting behind a desk, hunched over a computer, for 8+ hours a day…which is absolutely terrible for our bodies.  Spend 15 minutes a day to do some stretches (click on the Stretches channel), read MobilityWOD, and start taking care of your body and joints.  Reminder: Dax covers some great moves here ~Do them and your body will thank you !

5. Eat Better – Stop eating crap and start eating real foods – meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  Cut the unnecessary carbs.  Eat more protein and healthy fat.

It’s simple …

DO Dax’s Elimination Diet !!

Make one tiny change today, and then make one tiny change tomorrow, and one tiny change the next day.  Make changes that you can live with on a permanent basis and all of a sudden your diet will look nothing like the garbage you used to eat.

  1. Take better care of yourself – Turn off the TV half an hour earlier tonight and read a book, or meditate, even listen to relaxing music – it’s good for you 🙂
  2. Be a better cook – If you’re on a budget and want to eat healthy food, your best option is going to be learning how to cook better.  If a guy like me who is useless in the kitchen can learn to cook, so can you.

Check out Dax’s Elimination Diet Cook book. It is a really worthwhile investment that will pay you back in great health and energy rewards folks !

  1. Be a better localvore – start visiting farmers markets and buying locally grown goods.  I’m currently reading The Vegetarian Myth, which has absolutely blown my mind on what mass-market agriculture and commercial farming have done to our planet.  For another great angle, check out Michael Pollen’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  Do the research to find a farmer’s market in your area TODAY and make plans to check it out this upcoming weekend.
  2. Move more – Whether it’s through urban playgrounds or out in the woods, get out there and DO something.  Summer is here, and the sun is shining…sometimes.  Step out of your house, get out of the gym, and start exploring your environment.  I was a gym rat for 10 years and LOVE to lift weights; after spending the past four months exercising anywhere and everywhere, I might never get a gym membership again!
  3. ????????

Live Better

  1. Pay off your debt – Debt sucks, as my buddy Baker at ManVsDebt will tell you.  Put a plan in place TODAY to pay it off faster.  Add one dollar to your student loan payments or add one dollar to next month’s credit card payments.  You’re officially LESS in debt, woot!  If you’re completely clueless about finance, spend ten bucks on Ramit Sethi’s “I Will Teach You To Be Rich,” which absolutely revolutionized how I manage my money.

2. Be more adventurous – Start planning a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go – (if I can do this for $418, you can find a way to get anywhere for relatively cheaply).  You don’t need to visit every country in the world, but a trip to a foreign land (or even someplace in your own country) is absolutely within reach.  Start your own epic quest TODAY.  Research flights TODAY.  Start travel hacking TODAY.


  3. Challenge yourself – You’re reading Dax’s website and posts  so I’m figuring you’re a relatively intelligent person.  Instead of staying comfortable in your own little tiny niche, it’s time to challenge yourself.  Start learning a second language, take a dancing class, take a martial arts class, WHATEVER.  Do the research today, sign up for the class, or call the school.  Stop waiting, start doing.

4. Be more in control of your time and life – Start putting steps in place TODAY to build the future you want.  I realize that sounds really corny and cheesy, but it’s true If you have NO desire to start your own company, put systems in place so that you’re spending less time at work working on things you hate and more time on things that you love.

5.Declutter your life – I’ve traveled where have been livied out of a backpack for a month, and I’ve come to realize that we really don’t need a lot of stuff to be happy.  In fact, we all often have TOO much crap that takes time to maintain, clean, repair, whatever.  Follow Baker’s “Sell Your Crap” plan and start getting rid of the crap in your life you don’t need.  Take the time TODAY to throw away one thing that you never use, donate ONE piece of clothing you haven’t worn in 6 months, and/or sign up for an Ebay account and post ONE thing that you can get rid of.  Do that today, and your living space will be just a little bit less hectic.

6.Get more educated – I LOVE reading.  My Amazon Kindle doesn’t go a day without being used because I’m always trying to further my health and wellness education along with fun fiction books to help me fall asleep.  I just finished reading “Why We Got Fat,” “Be Your Own Gym,” and “The Alchemist.”  I’m currently finishing up the aforementioned Vegetarian Myth and The China Study. Pick a new book TODAY and start learning more.

7.Do less – Stop devoting time, energy, and resources to things that detract from your happiness.  Today, make a commitment to taking on one less unexciting commitment or eliminating one unnecessary meeting.  Want more? Take time today to check out Leo’s The Power of Less.

8.Do one thing that scares you. Tim Ferriss has this quote on his desk as a daily reminder to challenge himself.  In fitness, we have to challenge our muscles to move outside of their comfort zone or they never get bigger, stronger, faster.  In life, we have to challenge ourselves to move outside of our comfort zone or we’ll never grow.  I’m currently crossing things off my list that scare me, and I encourage you to do the same.  It doesn’t even need to be something crazy like flying a stunt plane or swimming with sharks; it can be something as easy as asking somebody for his/her phone number, speaking in front of a crowd, or exercising in public.  Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable – it’s good for you!  It’s time to become more confidentconquer your fear, and get better.  ONE THING TODAY.

9.Have more fun – I understand that I told you to do LESS above in point #7.  I encourage you to do less of the crap you hate, so that you can focus on doing more of the stuff you love.  As stated in the Rules of the Rebellion, “Your exercise and diet can become part of what you are, but not at the expense of who you are.”  If you enjoy spending time playing video games, watching Arrested Development reruns, and hanging out with your family, find a way to do MORE of that.  You can be in great shape, enjoy what you do on a daily basis, and still have a lot of fun.  More fun stuff = more happiness = less stress = better life = win.


What’s missing?

Bill, #10 in both sections is just a bunch of question marks!”

Yeah, I honestly struggled coming up with that last piece of advice for both, which is where you come in. What else belongs on this list, and what are SPECIFIC steps that people can take TODAY to get there?

How can we be better today than we were yesterday?

One of the MOST Excellent choices I made gives me a daily boost before walking out the door for a productive day.

What is it ?

Dax’s Magic 100:

Please leave your thoughts and comments. They’re really appreciated!!

Enjoying the life You Make !

Enjoying the life You Make !

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