New Beginning ~ New Energy !!

Renewed Health and Energy too !

Renewed Health and Energy too !

Hi Everyone,

Here’s an update for you. Been continuing daily activity. Cycle it combining mobility work to start, then get into some bodyweight exercises during the busy week and use the mattrix moves once mid-week and once on the weekend.

Continue to enjoy Yummy meals that are getting easier as well as more fun to make too (this coming from a guy who thought making a mixed salad was an accomplishment !! 😉

Now my list of Awesome ideas to keep your energy going.

Please sure your ideas and tips too !!

Lack of energy seems to be our standard excuse for not doing things.

These are things we like to do, want to do, enjoy doing! This is no way to live one’s life. We need to manage our energy so as to increase it and apportion it to every aspect of our busy, sometimes exhaustive, life styles.

#1 Sleep – “Lots of it” This is most important as a first step. Adding another half hour to our usual nights sleep would be an average requirement since most people are somewhat sleep deprived. Late nights and early mornings are a bad combination for draining our energy. Start a bed time ritual at least an hour before actually retiring. This prepares the mind and body for sleep. Turn off the television, put on the voice mail and do not deal with any new pressing problems that can assuredly wait for the light of day.

Healing Power of Sleep ~

Healing Power of Sleep ~

#2 Water – “3 bottles a day” When most people are tested for their bodies water content they are dehydrated. Coffee, wine, soups and soft drinks do not count as water intake. As a matter of fact some of these act as a diuretic draining our bodies of precious water. I start my morning with a full glass of water. It has been 8 hours since I had any water so mornings are a key time to start hydrating our bodies. Then comes my work out with a full bottle of water. After an hour or less it is another bottle of water with my protein powder. Before noon hour I would have drank 3 bottles of water. The benefits to your skin quality, muscle tone and bowel function is dramatic. No constipation with a consistent hydration policy. I go nowhere without a couple of bottles of water.

Hydrate for Health !

Hydrate for Health !

#3 Food Choices “Balanced & Nutritious” There are many comfort foods we love and crave. They make us feel full, content and sleepy. These should NOT comprise the bulk of our diet. We all know the amount and the types of foods that are nutritious. Eat what you feel would do your body good and fuel your next 2 hours of activity. A meal should replenish you, not drain you. Second helpings can be had in an hour or two not at one sitting. Typically at a restaurant I cut the food portion in half, eating one half and bringing the other half home for a snack (in about a hour and a half) This is better than chips or cookies!

#4 Exercise “Equals More Energy” Sleep, water and good food choices make for a great health combo. Without exercise the train does not leave the station. We need to keep moving, challenging heart, lungs and muscles. Working at the 85% of maximum for at least 3 days a week is minimum with five days a week being better. I exercise daily, only taking a day off because of travel or business obligations that invariably want to steal my workout time. Showering, brushing your teeth, combing your hair are all part of your daily routine and so should exercise.

#5 Variety “Deadly Boredom Trap” Every regiment eventually succumbs to a boring routine. Even an exciting, passionate activity like sex can slip into the “same old, same old.” Keeping an exercise journal allows one to change up or tweak your workouts. Even a slight variation will challenge us to see if we can beat our previous workout goals. I love my pull ups so I have a doorway bar upstairs, downstairs, one on the ceiling and of course one in the shop were they are made. My travel trailer has a custom pull up bar that I can use camping as well as a travel bar that breaks down without tools for my suitcase. Engaging your mind before and during your workouts will add some variety but maintain the consistency needed for growth or fat loss if that is your goal.

#6 E-Triggers “Personal” People are different and respond in their own way from outside stimuli. My wife for example loves people and every gathering is a party. More than on one occasion would she chat with family and friends over a bond fire til the sun came up. One the other hand put in a DVD for the evening and its snooze time in a half hour or less. She needs and enjoys people so her morning walks are with me and the dog. The health club she goes to (for ladies only) is always teaming with people. People give her energy. They are her E-Trigger. Mine is goal accomplishment. The satisfaction of one more rep or putting another workout in the bank is all I need and thrive on. Belonging to a group or sharing your fitness goals with a confidant may be your thing that triggers excitement for fitness.

Eye Candy or E-Trigger?

Enjoying New Heath and New Life too !!

Enjoying New Heath and New Life too !!

#7 Nap time (20 minutes only) This is such a great way to relax your mind and body preparing it for the 2nd half of your day. I am talking about a short power nap before 1pm not a hour or two mid afternoon snooze that leaves you groggy for hours. Not everyone has this opportunity to lay down on the job. If this is the case find a quiet place were your mind can wander to pleasant places as you breath deeply relaxing your whole body. I find those moments that I can drift to my one palm tree island in the Caribbean so relaxing. Knowing it is just a vision in my head and soon my body must spring to the daily grind, I am refreshed.

Catching a snooze

Power nap time !!

Power nap time !!

Now a refreshing Yum recipe for you that I enjoyed recently ~
Summer Watermelon Yum
Summer Watermelon Yum

Summer Watermelon Yum


1 ice cold 3 lb. ripe watermelon (thump it- does it sound hollow?)
1 large cucumber, skinned, seeded (or 2 medium)
2 large celery stalks
1 small head romaine lettuce, trimmed, cut up
2 medium, dense, heirloom tomatoes, seeded, chopped
1-2 teaspoons minced Elephant Garlic
Juice from 1-2 limes, according to taste
2 tablespoons white balsamic or rice vinegar
2 tablespoons fresh chopped cilantro, basil, mint or parsley
Sea salt, to taste


Slice the watermelon, cut up most of it, taking out the seeds; reserve about 1 cup, diced fine. Toss the cut up watermelon into a Vita-Mix or blender. Add the cucumber, celery, lettuce, tomato, garlic. Pulse and blend the mix briefly to process it. Add the juice from one lime. Add the vinegar, chopped herbs, sea salt. Pulse till combined.

Pour into a storage container, add in the reserved diced watermelon. Cover and chill until serving. Two hours is best.

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