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Day 24 ~ Effortless Thinking ~ Effortless Living !

Hi Folks, Wow, awesome day at the park ! Included visiting family, enjoying an Elimination Diet picnic… YES it is possible ! Along with some healthy Dax workout then going for a swim to cool off Got to thinking how … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Bonkers ~ Do this to Enjoy your Day !!!

Avoid the mid-day Postlunch bonk !!! Here’s the myth folks: Many people feast on a carb-loaded lunch and then shut down in the afternoon. But with unemployment soaring, let’s assume a 2- 3 hour nap won’t play well at the … Continue reading

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Week 4 Success ~ Just Beginning !!!

Folks, the results you see are a small part of the success felt…each day!!! Thanks to you folks support, tips, even encouragement, now enjoying a Rich Life ~ RICH from renewed health, enjoying every moment of the day, while being … Continue reading

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Week 3 MAP + Elimination Diet + Dax Amazing Exercises = Healthy Living !!!

By now as you can see folks, was enjoying the progress of MAP and Dax’s exercises. Combined with fun to create Elimination meals made it the best experience ever in gaining Health and truly living again !!!  🙂

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