Day 26 ~ Healthy Eating without going Broke !

Healthy foods ~ Healthy Budget !

Healthy foods ~ Healthy Budget !

Hi Everyone,

If you are like most people, like my family, we enjoy eating healthy.

However, with rising food prices, especially organic, after getting to the market to buy those healthy foods have on our mind sticking to a budget.

Well, here’s a way my family and I have found, and hope it helps you too. Whether single or married, this will be one less concern while enjoying that healthy lifestyle we have learned from Dax ~

I know what its like to have to eat on a budget. Despite an awesome scholarship and good job, It was a challenge to meet a budget, payments on car….. groceries and rent.

Then, fast forward to NOW !

Have learned some along the way, and hope to share with you how you CAN afford to eat healthy while enjoying not breaking the bank either with rising food prices.

Whatever your reason for watching the budget, here is the BEST guide to saving YOUR money at the grocery store, to maximize the amount of high quality food you eat, without exploding your bank account. When shopping smart, even if you are bulking, you can spend less than $50-60 a week with high quality food.

1. Shop for the deals on the meat. Every week (this includes especially free range meats, folks!) at all the grocery stores, meat varies in price. Sometimes chicken breast is $8.99 a lb sometimes its $2.99 a lb, you have to pay attention to the sales and strike while the iron is hot. Stock some in the freezer. Reminder, wrap your meat well so no freezer burn that zaps the flavor and nutrition !

2. JOIN a large discount retail store. Buying in BULK always saves you money.

3. When it comes to meat, which is the most expensive thing to buy, look for large cuts of meat on sale that you can butcher yourself. Also ask the local butcher for last-date meat discounts. Chop it up and freeze the rest, you’ll save A LOT of money this way.

4. When it comes to produce like vegetables and fruits, buy IN season. Blueberries can be $5 a lb in the dead of winter or $1 a lb in summer. Also consider buying frozen fruits and veggies in places like COSTCO.

Now here are my TOP picks for cheapest and healthiest sources of fats, protein and carbs

Fats are high calorie and low cost.
The best three by far are
All Natural Peanut Butter
Nuts at Bulk Stores
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Protein is the most expensive

Eggs will be your #1 source
fresh water fish when possible
Pork is the cheapest meat
Beans and Lentils are also extremely high in protein
Large cuts of meat on sale

Carbs are actually cheap.
Beans and Lentils, my FAVOURITE pick, EXTREMELY cheap and healthy
Steel cut oats at a bulk store
Sweet Potatoes

Vegetables + Fruit
Broccoli, lettuce, onions and cabbage are all usually the cheaper veggies
For fruits, Bananas per calorie are the cheapest

You have to come up with the right calories for yourself. But for less than $50 you can get over 250 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs and 70 grams of high quality fat every day! And now you know how to save at least $50 per week on your food.

Think about it, that’s over $2500 a year you can save !

Enjoy a happy healthy lifestyle, within a budget for other things…. like your new clothes after getting healthier with Dax’s Summer Elimination Diet !!

Healthy on a Budget

Healthy on a Budget


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