Day 16 ~ Keeping on Track !!

Deadlines and Accountability are your Friends !

Deadlines and Accountability are your Friends !

Hi Folks,

Know there are days that challenge from the time you get up, to the time you try to relax to sleep.

Especially trying to keep on track with your Elimination diet and exercise at times.

After finishing my latest workout, and preparing (so much easier even for a minimal cook like myself) a delicious meal, some ideas came to me that wish to share in the hope they may help you too !

Since we are all in this together !

Simply implement 2 things:




Now wait a second before you have a knee jerk reaction to the word
“deadline.” I was never a fan of piling on deadlines…..


I’m talking about deadlines that YOU set in place because

you’re working on a Goal that YOU want to achieve.

Deadlines force you to get serious, to meet your targets, and to
own up when you’re not staying true to your plan. Without firm
deadlines it’s too easy to make excuses, to get caught up in
endless email checking loops, or to sidetrack yourself with
busywork that has nothing to do with your goal.

The thing about deadlines, though, is that you actually have to
mean it. It’s no good setting deadlines if you’re going to fluff
them off every time.

“Your word is law.”

If you commit to it, you get it done. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk across the
Sahara. It doesn’t matter if your friends get pissed that you just
can’t be available for bar hopping that Friday. It doesn’t matter
if you have to lick the road clean with your tongue. You’ve
committed to it. Now do it.

This is exactly where accountability comes in !!

You need some way to keep yourself accountable.

I’m not saying you’re going to lie to yourself and dream up all these great stories about things you’ve never really done –although I’ve known a few people who fall into
that trap. I’m saying memory is fallible, and it’s easy to imagine
you’re accomplishing more than you really are, just because you’re
“working on it.”

A system of accountability …

gives you a way to track your progress.

It encourages you when you see those successes pile up.

And ….

it brings “My word is law” into the physical,.

Because you’ve written it down, posted it online, or told another person.

Implement these two simple practices and you’ll be amazed at the
progress you make.

So what’s it gonna be?

Are you going to talk about your dreams, or will you get down to work and live them?

Take the goal you wrote down  — whether it’s the physique
of your dreams, the deep relationship you’ve always wanted, success
in your profession, etc —

Then …

Come up with one simple method for keeping yourself accountable.

Next…. set your first deadline and get started !!

There’s nothing holding you back !!

Best of Success in your Elimination Diet Summer Plans !!

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