Day 9 ~ Find the Time !!

Find the Time for Health !

Find the Time for Health !

Hey Folks,

Don’t know about you, but know some are so busy they feel even squezzing in Dax’s workouts are a challenge.

If this sounds like you, busy mom or dad, working…….You know…..

Then ….

Find the Time !!

Your health is more precious than gold…

Especially since YOU …



are a treasure to your family and loved ones.

So take care of that treasure by geting up a few minutes earlier to get that workout, or prepare that ED meal….

Your body…..

and loved ones will thank you for the extra energy and happiness you bring them !!  😉


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One Response to Day 9 ~ Find the Time !!

  1. Kevin Yates says:

    Agreed. Let’s face it, getting the body you want or the level of conditioning you want is not easy.
    It is a matter of wanting it enough to do what it takes.
    I also know that if your doctor told you to FIND the time to devote daily exercise or you would die in a month you’d find the time right?
    Amazing how we really do have time to do the things we want to do.
    So, identify what you want and why and you’ll find the time to get it done
    Kevin Yates

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