Day 4 ~ Rockin’ Outdoors !!

Park Workouts ~ Rock !!

Park Workouts ~ Rock !!

Hey there Folks,

Decided to do ALL my workouts outside today.

At sunrise (5:30am) sipped some tea, then filled my water bottle with water adding some lemon juice to it, then off to the nearby park for a workout.

Doing the Meltdown circuits really gets the energy going and THAT is what really sets the day I feel. Gives a light refreshing feeling like nothing else !!

Following this mid-day with theĀ Individual Circuit gives a mid-day energy boost.

Later, the Power circuit is just that, feel the POWER !!

Finally for the free session is a walk in the park, stretching on the chinup bar while enjoying the accomplishments of the day!!

Best of Health and Success to All !!





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