Days 21 to 25 Stay Motivated to Stay the Course !!

Motivation ~ Intention is the key to Success !

Motivation ~ Intention is the key to Success !

Hi Folks,

Been enjoying visiting friends who are celebrating Lunar New Year.
They call it New Year of the Rabbit (there are 12 zodiac animals).

So been enjoying the flexibility of the ED to maximize nutrition, while not worrying or measuring stuff.

What really helps is will practice a motivation tip each of the seven days.

It’s easy….Day 1 ~ Motivation Action plan 1, etc.

It’s important to attach the key word action!!

So it looks like this … Motivation + Action = Success !!!

Never Give Up ~ You CAN Do It !!

Never Give Up ~ You CAN Do It !!

Now here’s some easy cool tips for you ….

YOU Are In Charge of Your Success “Believe it is possible – see it in your mind’s eye – realise your dream and be the way you want to be – starting right now – no excuses – tomorrow never comes you know – stay present in the present and Yes Now!” (Anon) Take action today and be in charge of your destiny and your fat loss programme. No-one else can do it for you – you alone can do it -but there are a lot of great resources available to you today to help you achieve your fat loss goal and keep you on track. Are you ready?

Take time to jot down a plan for your fat loss Planning is a main key to achieving fat loss success. You are much less likely to go off track and return to your old habits if you put in place a weekly meal planner and a set of exercise workouts. All you need to do is take a few minutes each week to set up your weekly meals and activities and you will be amazed at how quickly your body transforms itself.

Support of working with others who want to lose weight and lose body fat, you can learn from their knowledge, commitment, support, and success and as a result push yourself harder than you otherwise would be able to.

Identify Exactly What It Is You Want… This is REALLY important one folks !!

Get real clarity on your fat loss goal;then don’t let anything stand in your way of getting it. By setting specific goals along with deadlines you can then measure your success.

Take one step at a time as the main thing is to take action – sign up to that dance class you fancied doing but have never got round to, set up a menu planner for the month, walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift all the time!

Do it NOW !!! Whether you’re thinking of joining your local aerobics class or pulling out your exercise bike from the cupboard, STOP procrastinating and DO IT now!

Never ever, ever give up !! If you eat something naughty and have gone off your fat loss programme and plan – so what – it’s not the end of world is it, cut your losses and get going again! Don’t let it weigh on your mind and hold you back because it’s only minor damage that can be dealt with. The important thing is to get back on track, immediately. Never, ever, EVER give up. I believe in you and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Applying these 7 tips to your fat loss regime, you can achieve the body of your dreams – so what are you waiting for? Believe, Plan, Get started,Keep going and Never give up.

Success is more mental than Physical !

Success is more mental than Physical !

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