Day 16 ~ Enjoy Food AND Curb that Raging Appetite too !!

Relax and Curb that hunger with Peppermint tea ~

Relax and Curb that hunger with Peppermint tea ~

Hi Folks,

Really enjoyed the workout today, got to do it with friends !

Feel the support and energy from working out with others is Super Motivating !!

After we enjoyed some green tea, we talked about how to curb a raging appetite.

Thought would share a little of the chat ~

Here are a couple really simple tricks you can use right away to boost your weight loss and curb your appetite naturally:

1. Red Pepper Flakes

I’ve mentioned this before, but a few studies have now shown that capsaicin (a key ingredient in red peppers) can help curb your appetite AND fight the storage of fat for a killer weight loss 1-2 knockout punch, just by sprinkling on your food!
Red pepper marinated grilled chicken… your waist loves this…

One study done on folks taking capsaicin showed reduced hunger and calorie intake during the day. And another study showed that sweet peppers fought off fat storage and boosted weight loss results… pretty cool eh?


Studies have confirm that inhaling the scent of peppermint every couple of hours helps you eat less… AND eat healthier too!

In one particular 2-week study, foks who had sniffed peppermint every couple of hours had also eaten few calories and less sugar than the nonsniffers… so you can use a peppermint oil to get this done, or another tricky way to do this is get some peppermint gum and try chewing a small stick of it every couple hours.

Or even sipping some peppermint tea is both refreshing and curbs the appetite too  ~ So CHeers !!

Hope everyone is doing well, remembering to learn from a challenge is more important than simply winning it ~ LEarn + Grow = Success !!
Best to your success Everyone and hope you’ll leave your thoughts along with suggestions ~  Bill

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