Day 12 ~ Cravings … DO More OR DO Nothing !!

Enjoy Eating to Lose weight Naturally ~

Enjoy Eating to Lose weight Naturally ~

Hi Folks,

Hope you’re enjoying great progress in health this week.

Today want to share how I’ve found to deal with cravings…especially Food Cravings !

First, this simple tip has greatly helped me. On top of your daily MAP activities, do a few minutes of light exercise before each meal. It will help shuttle those calories more to muscles and less to those “other” areas !

Also, anyone who’s ever dedicated themselves to a strict diet to lose weight knows how hard it can be to stop food cravings.

Sugary and salty foods don’t just whisper your name – they seem to scream it at your most vulnerable times.

Actually, this is a natural response by your body and much of the time, it’s caused by a hormone called leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that’s produced by our fat cells and besides the job of increasing your body’s ability to burn fat, one of its roles is to regulate your body weight by sending a message to the brain that you’re feeling full.

But there’s a bit of irony here…

The Weight Loss Hormone That
WANTS You To Be Fat?

You see, since leptin is produced in the fat cells, men and women who are overweight actually have an increased production of the hormone.

Now you’d think that that would mean that your brain would shut off the hunger valve, because that’s the whole purpose of leptin to begin with.

But what ends up happening is that you become “leptin resistant” because of the excess leptin that you have in your body.

Because of this, your cravings actually get TOUGHER!

Fortunately there are some natural solutions to balance leptin levels and stop cravings so you can lose weight faster:

Stop Food Cravings By …. Eating MORE?!

It seems counterintuitive to advise you to eat MORE in order to lose weight faster, doesn’t it?

But by consuming six smaller meals throughout the day, you’ll actually feel less hungry and keep your metabolism cranked up on high.

The key is to eat healthy throughout the day instead of giving into cravings for the binge foods you would normally turn to.

If you think eating junk food and highly processed food in smaller portions will have the same effect and stop food cravings, you’re wrong.

These foods cause a massive spike in blood sugar (in any amounts) and then drop your energy levels like a brick, leaving you feeling hungry again very quickly and again tempting you with the food cravings you’re trying to avoid.

MOST IMPORTANT ~ If you’re doing nothing … not active….then you don’t need calories at that moment…enjoy some pure tea, water, or if into coffee, then pure black coffee (in moderation, personally prefer tea)

The Cheap Supplement That Stops Food Cravings!

One of the main reasons why leptin can become a problem is because of a rampant zinc deficiency in our population.

Our bodies lose zinc in many ways throughout the day:

  • If you go to the gym and you’re sweating, you’re losing zinc.
  • You excrete it through bodily waste.
  • Even sexual intercourse has a way of depleting your body of zinc.

Unfortunately we don’t get enough zinc replenishment from our food supply to make up the difference.

Through overfarming and overprocessing, the food we now buy at the grocery store has generally been degraded to the point where they are mineral deficient in many cases.

That means you’re going to have to replenish zinc in your body through supplementation.

In fact, zinc supplementation has been shown to increase leptin efficiency by as much as 142% in research findings and has proven effective to stop food cravings.

I recommend you take in about 15-25 milligrams of Zinc Picolinate in the evening time on an empty stomach before you go to bed and this will help balance leptin levels and stop food cravings.

Remember this is not a cure all. It is another wonderful tool in our tool box to help us meet our goal. Also remember, many things work for awhile….nothing forever …. so be Flexible Folks….Live Life !!!

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