Day 7 ~ Time for Reflection !

Enjoying Healthy Black Tea

Enjoying Healthy Black Tea

Hey Folks,

Hope you had a good week and enjoying progress.


As the title hints, enjoy reflecting on goals achieved, and areas of improvement too. For those areas are just as important for continued progress. Still, reward yourself as I do for achieving those goals by going somewhere you like, out with friends (so they can see the progress you made too 😉

But honesty, have found by reflecting, or even could say reviewing my journal has really ~ REALLY helped me keep in line with my goals. Remember to not just log exercises, reps, etc, but also your mood, did you feel focused, yes/no, and why. It is these little things that help you better understand what works for YOU !  So keep a journal and ENJOY it too 😉

Now for another little healthy tidbit:

Tea time anyone!!

There are powerful little chemical compounds in tea — called polysaccharides — that may do your blood sugar a bit of good.

And one of the best ways to get them? Black tea. Researchers recently discovered that the polysaccharides in black tea may be tops over those in green or oolong teas. Make mine black!

Power in the Polysaccharides
People in Japan and China have long touted black tea’s blood sugar benefits. And now, researchers are taking a look at the components of black tea that may play a role. When researchers extracted the polysaccharides in black tea and examined their effects on a cellular level, something interesting happened. The black tea polysaccharides exhibited blood sugar stabilizing properties — even more so than the polysaccharides in both green and oolong teas. Researchers suspect there may be something unique about the chemical composition of black tea polysaccharides that boosts their blood sugar benefits.

Here’s an added tip!!

One powerful way to boost your health lies right under your thumb. It’s the “off” button on your TV remote. (While you’re thinking about it, clean that clicker. The typical remote is more contaminated than the flush lever on your porcelain throne.) But back to our main point: Spend less time clutching your clicker and you’ll lower your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Don’t think you’re at risk? Although more than 24 million people in North America have diabetes, that’s not the half of it. More than 54 million people — 500 times more than a capacity crowd at the University of Michigan stadium — have “prediabetes,” meaning higher than normal blood sugar levels. The danger: Over time, high blood sugar will damage every place your arteries go: your eyes, heart, kidneys, and more.

But you can help lower those numbers, right in your living room. Women who watch less than 2 hours of TV a day have lower blood sugar than women who watch more, possibly because the TV watchers aren’t as physically active.

I’m not against TV, but like garlic and power tools, you have to know how to use it. The average American watches more than 4 hours a day; the average Canadian tunes in for about 3 hours. Cut down to 2 hours a day, and don’t just sit there. TV dramas have about 10 minutes of commercials per hour; sitcoms have more.

Think of commercials as an opportunity for MAP time.

Use those minutes to do some jumping jacks or walk briskly around the house (except to the fridge !). Or do sit-ups during the first commercial break and push-ups during the second one. You’re on your way to a blood-sugar-steadying 30 minutes of activity a day.

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