Day 6 ~ Is for doing something Challenging and Healthy Too !!

~ Enjoy Healthy Beans ~

~ Enjoy Healthy Beans ~

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share with you today about how after starting DAX’s 2011 MAP decided to add a mini challenge to each day. Be it walking a little farther, choosing an unhealthy and changing it into a healthy one for example.

Best part about this….It’s FUN !!!

Remember how much plain FUN it is to try something NEW ~ a little different.

Well ~ Go for It !!!  I’ve found doing this even once a week makes the week more enjoyable … even when it gets really Crazy Busy.

Now another little health tip that hope helps you too ~

Fiber is great for balancing your blood sugar, but which fiber source is best —

Legumes or Grains?

Pass the peas, please. In a study, a diet high in lentils, nuts, peas, and other legumes seemed to be more helpful than a diet high in wheat fiber when it came to tamping down blood sugar.

A Hill of Beans
Mmmm. Love those legumes. And, lucky for lovers of legumes, beans tend to have a low glycemic index — meaning they are digested slowly by the body and have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar. So much so that when people with type 2 diabetes were told to emphasize legumes in their diet as part of a study, their average blood sugar over time was lower than that of the group who’d been directed to eat more whole grains.

Go for Balance
The difference was modest for the two study groups but was still significant enough to translate into better protection from heart disease. Researchers suspect that the difference was because the legume-laden diet had a lower glycemic index — and slightly more fiber — than the diet that emphasized grains. The legume eaters were also encouraged to eat high-fiber fruits and veggies. Bottom line: A low-glycemic-index diet seemed to be best for blood sugar. To get there, you may need to trade that side of brown rice for an occasional bowl of beans.


Quick blood sugar trick: Use nut flour instead of the usual flour in baked goods when you do have them.


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