Day 5 ~ Life .. More than just Staying Alive ~ THRIVE !!

THRIVE with Blueberries !!

THRIVE with Blueberries !!

Hi Folks,

As the title says Life is more that just ..Staying Alive…we should Thrive !!!

One way is to start your day as I did after morning MAP with this:

Adding one special ingredient to a morning bowl of cereal just might help you sidestep high blood sugar problems. We’re talking about blueberries.

Research suggests that a regular dose of phenolic compounds found in the dark blue fruit may help enhance insulin sensitivity — the body’s ability to draw sugar from the blood and put it to use as energy.

Blue Benefits
In a study of obese people who had exhibited insulin resistance but not full-blown diabetes, researchers tested the blueberry theory. They had participants drink a daily smoothie that contained dried blueberry extract. After 6 weeks, the study group demonstrated significantly improved insulin sensitivity compared with a placebo group — even though neither group lost any weight in the study. And neither group changed their exercise levels or diets, either, helping researchers conclude that it was something in the berries that produced the benefit.

Blue Synergy
The recent blueberry study is especially good news if you are overweight or obese or have other health-related factors that can boost your risk of insulin resistance, high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes. Blueberries alone won’t prevent or lower high blood sugar. You have to adopt other healthful lifestyle habits to do that. But the abundant antioxidant compounds in blueberries may work synergistically to enhance insulin activity and help reduce the risk of diabetes, too.

Will be sharing more  easy Thrive ideas and hope you will too !!

Welcome your health tips, ideas and suggestions ~

Even how you overcame a challenge in your day or week will help us All !!
Best to You Thriving !!


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