Open the Door to Day 4 !

~ Doorway to My Dream Goals ~

~ Doorway to My Dream Goals ~

Hey Everyone,

Wondering why the title ?

Well, after my morning MAP workout and enjoying breakfast on the deck watching the sunrise, it came to me….not talking about the warm sunshine ~though that felt good after a cold rain front we experienced lately passed through.

It dawned on me (no pun intended ! ) that quite often, we wait for something to happen,

either a goal, an idea, even our health goals.

Why wait ~ Think about that simple question for a moment….

Okay, long enough.

It is as simple as opening a door.

Think about how we don’t even think about opening a door to enter a room, to go so where, to get somewhere.

NOW, think of that door as the entrance to your goal…

Commit!!! Take the step and Open the door to your goal,


Commit to walking in, relish the journey as you learn more about yourself,

even learning from mistakes made too!!

This way, there is much less worry, goals are more looked forward too….

and most of all…

Feel and ARE attainable !!!

Here’s to your success in committing that step while opening the door to YOUR 2011 Dreams and Goals come True folks !!!

Best Always to all of you !!


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