Day 3 … Easy as 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 Doing One Thing !!

You CAN One step at a time !!

You CAN One step at a time !!

Hi Folks,

Day 3 went so quickly with a morning workout, healthy EOD food (really enjoy how simple Dax made the food choices ~ helps I have a local farmer’s market near home too!).

With the energy from the workout was reflecting over breakfast thinking about how ANY goal begins with one step, one thought, in other words…the number One!!!

So each day have decided to add ONE healthy thing. Be it an exercise, healthy food, or extra time to meditate.

Think of it this way, how long does adding ONE thing to a 24 hour day take you ?!

Simple answer, not long, when you fit it into your day.

Nice part is at the end of just ONE week you’ve added Seven beneficially healthy things to your day.

Now that sounds like Win ~ Win to me folks !!!

Best to you all in Achieving your 2011 Goals Everyone !!


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