Creamy Breakfast for fewer sniffles…and More !!!

Healthy Yogurt

Healthy Yogurt

Hi Folks,

First off, sorry for the long time in not posting. Been helping with family.

However, still remember and DO, those Dax MAPs workouts. Especially outdoors to enjoy that sunshine (can you say Vitamin D) and fresh air too.

Here’s a great read on the benefits of adding some yogurt to your morning healthy breakfast ~

Top it with cereal, fresh fruit, or a little swirl of honey. Any way you serve it up, this creamy breakfast food may be an allergy fighter. We’re talking about yogurt.

Research suggests that the powerful probiotic bugs — called Lactobacillus casei (L. casei) — in yogurt may decrease body levels of immune substances involved in seasonal allergies. So every cup of goodness means fewer sniffles and “achoos.”

The Nose Knows
Your gastrointestinal tract naturally plays host to a variety of bacteria. But in people who suffer from allergies, those bacteria levels are a little off. And researchers think that probiotics may help shift the balance of bugs back to a healthier status that helps support the immune system. That’s exactly what a recent small study suggests. Seasonal allergy sufferers in the study consumed either a probiotic-fortified dairy drink or a placebo drink for 5 months. And at the end of the study, those who had knocked back the L. casei drinks showed lower levels of immune substances that contribute to allergies.

Wish everyone a Great week and hope you share your healthy ideas and recipes here.


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