Don’t Go Bonkers ~ Do this to Enjoy your Day !!!

Daytime Sleeper

Daytime Sleeper

Avoid the mid-day Postlunch bonk !!!

Here’s the myth folks:

Many people feast on a carb-loaded lunch and then shut down in the afternoon. But with unemployment soaring, let’s assume a 2- 3 hour nap won’t play well at the office. Or having a 1 hour nap and Still looking like a Zombie from a Living Dead movie rerun.

If you find yourself entering what amounts to a food coma after lunch, you’re likely eating too many carbohydrates in the morning.

And what you’re not getting enough of is making it worse. “A postlunch crash is a telltale sign of poor nighttime sleep, as is dozing in meetings, theater performances, or similar environments,” says Dr. Benca.

Not sure if you’re experiencing a modest dip or a true crash? Take a minute or two to fill out the Epworth Sleepiness Scale ( online questionnaire is the same one sleep docs use on their new patients.

Snooze strategy: Along with improving your nightly sleep pattern, eat three small meals spaced 2 hours apart in the morning. Try a protein shake at 7 a. m., two eggs and a small cup of oatmeal at 9, and an apple and a handful of almonds at 11. You’ll consume fewer carbohydrates, and you won’t be as likely to overeat at lunchtime.

In fact, a salad with grilled chicken and avocado on top should be enough to keep your mind focused and your head off the desk all afternoon, says Keith Berkowitz, M. D., medical director of the Center for Balanced Health in New York City.

Remember sleep and healthy eating are two easy things we can do each day….

Don’t be sleep walk living……truly WAKE UP and LIVE ~ NOW!!!!!

Wakeful Living it's GREAT !!!

Wakeful Living it's GREAT !!!

(You’ll enjoy life more too 😉

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