Some updates for You !!!

~ Endlessly Amazing Starry Sky ~

~ Endlessly Amazing Starry Sky ~

Hello folks,

Apologize for being away from the blog for a while. Work had me traveling and without the net. Didn’t like it, but it happens.  However, thanks to Dax’s Magic Hundred, stored a copy to read each day, kept motivated while also continuing progress too!!!

Included some pics on the progress page. Looking to improve even more with Dax’s awesome MAP have Headstart getting there now 😉

Today want to share something feel is a truly moving read called…

“Wake up !!!!”

Perhaps you hear it first thing in the
morning from that adorable but impatient
child who wants their breakfast.

Or, perhaps it’s the morning mantra of your
spouse who serves the dual role of loving
partner and part-time alarm clock.

But often, it is much more.

I think you say it to yourself from time to
time, just as I do.

“Come on, wake up! Get in
the game!”

Today, you will get in the game.

This moment.

For today, I want you to wake up
from reality.


From what we have crudely labeled
“reality”, that is folks.

As an Oxford professor once called
it, “The Anesthetic of Reality.”

Please do not misunderstand.

Reality is necessary.


In fact, A tool for us to use.

Reality simply is.


we all need to wake up from it and see
the grand scheme of things if this life is
ever to hold more than mere breathing,
paying bills, and passing on.

There’s much more to life than reality.

Here’s proof:

You see, when you stare in the mirror, the
product of a one in a trillion chance.

The odds of you being here, in this
century, in this moment, reading this
letter, are greater than the odds of me
tossing a needle out of an airplane at
35000 feet and having it land on a specific
blade of grass.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You are absolutely amazing …
and equally improbable.

You are unique.
More rare than you can imagine.

More wondrous than you may know.

The mere fact you exist is overwhelmingly
against the odds. The fact that you can
read this letter to you is a billion times
greater even still.

But that you can understand, comprehend,
analyze, and do something about it? Take
action? Access your life and take a break
from reality?

My MAP friends,

that is too wondrous,

too against the odds for words or numbers
to adequately convey.

That is the number 1, followed by the count
of the stars in the sky.

So what do we do once we wake up from
reality? Do we quit our jobs and go
pressing daisies in a field? Do we eat,
drink and be merry? Do we ponder the
classics of art, literature, and

Well, that is an option.

But I have a more clear-cut idea of what
it means for us — those interested in
becoming healthy and fit — to wake up
from reality.

Reality, for us, can be defined as your
schedule. Your routine. The workings of the
inner clock of your life that cause things
to work and move forward.

The trouble is, those inner workings are in
need of some grease.

Perhaps even a few new parts.

When you wake up from reality and see the
big picture, you are in essence greasing
the gears of your life’s clock. You are
ensuring you get every moment out of it.

And make no mistake: The clock is ticking
down. It does not tick up.

And it moves faster than the speed of
light, despite its second-by-second

Reality can blur time.

Before you know it, a week, a month, a
year, a decade has passed.

Sure, you’ve paid the bills. You’ve gotten
the kids off to school. You’ve done the
good work. You’ve fought the good fight.


But there is so much more you wanted out
of this short breath of existence you enjoy,
isn’t there?

“So much more.”

Those three words are often on the lips of
the dying.

I’m asking you to speak them today,
out-loud, as a part of the elect.

The unique !

The living !

Take time to look at the big picture of
your life’s desires. Perhaps reset your
clock. Then, you will continue on your way.

Perhaps you will glean a new sense of
purpose, motivation, direction… and this
is your doing, not mine.

Learn from this awakening….Remember ….

You are a living Miracle !!!

So you should Keep Going (on your journey) and Keep Growing (there is always more to enjoy learning, even experiencing…….

Wake Up and LIVE IT !!!!

Your inner hopes and visions will become

real. Become tangible. Become your very tools to enjoy each

Golden Magic with each experience, in fact, each moment too !!!

And as you do this, those special ones around you will also enjoy the
RENEWED Quality you bring to each moment of your day as it connects ….

affects they’re day.

I will leave you with this thought, from
the incomparable Carl Sagan:

You are the stuff of stars.

Whether you believe in a creator or you do
not, the atoms in your body and specific
chemicals therein are remnants of long-dead
stars that gave their lives for your
existence to unfold.

It is rather poetic when you think of that
way, isn’t it?

Imagine if a star had a conscious. It
decides to explode … not to destroy, but
to coalesce into you, your family, your
world of friends.

Just imagine it.

Well, you ‘are’ star-stuff. Immortal
energy, and perhaps even immortal spirit.

And equally wondrous to this — you can
wake up from reality and realize it.

Once you do, the rest of your life here in
this plane of existence will never be the

So, let’s wake up, daily, and start anew.

Build the body you want.

Regain or maintain the health you desire.

Leave a legacy that will one day be the
quotes of authors and presidents.

This is your right as a fellow member of
the one in a hundred trillion Star Stuff
Club. It is an exclusive group.


The next time you are depressed or
discouraged about your life, your body,
your health, or your emotional state,
remember this letter.

Print it out. Keep it where you can read
it often.

I will also ask you a favor: If this moved
you into a better state, Please share it
with others.

And, do it all in a spirit of gratitude for
the moments you have to ponder, in total
awe, the true reality of who you are.

The stuff of stars. Something far more
than mere reality.

This is dedicated to the person who helped me wake up ~ Dax !!!

AND >>>>

ALL of YOU Folks who are so motivating, supportive, and truly Amazing people.

Thank you for sharing a part of yourself here in MAP !!
Thank you Dax from all my heart, to bringing Life, Awakened Journey Experiences to me, to US !!!!

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