S is for …… SUPER …SUpeR Saturday of Course !!!

~ Enjoying-that Golden Moment ~

~ Enjoying-that Golden Moment ~

Hi folks,

Hope all of you are seeing progress and keeping a journal so at the end of this MAP experience can celebrate and use the journal, along with more of Dax’s great ideas to continue onward to your next goals.


New Goals…..Yeah !!!

Keep Going ~ Keep Growing….Healthier, Happier, and enjoying life too Folks !!!

Pause a moment each day, to enjoy the amazing wonder within that moment, for it will never happen again.

Be in It ~ Enjoy it ….. and each special moment following it …for with each moment you succeed, even the slightest….that builds a momentum of success that will help carry you through.

Today enjoyed feeling each breath when doing the morning POWER  Circuit on the deck to the morning sun. Glad to hear from some of you that you also enjoyed too…really best way to start the day !!

Mid-day took a break and did the Pyramid workout, and guess what happen…..

REALLY …. Guess…..

Had more energy than when I started….and that’s before even eating lunch after the workout. Goes to show how important movement is folks     😉

Wrapped up the day with the Meltdown followed by a warm relaxing shower. Then dinner watching the sunset. Since Saturday was a fast day, sorry no recipe to tempt you. More on the way though ~

Found enjoy the fasts now for the lightness feeling it gives me, especially first thing in the morning and the workouts too !!!  Shows progress….Yeah !!!!  😀

Remember to take time to truly enjoy life….

Remember ….

each Golden Moment is awaiting your experiencing it folks !!!  ;-D

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