Sunday ~ Sunday…. Keep Persevering !!

Attitude of Perseverance ~

Attitude of Perseverance ~

Attitude of Perseverance =

The pessimist complains about the wind.

The optimist expects the wind to change.

A Leader adjust the sails !!!!

Well Hi Folks.

Hope you were able to enjoy Sunday’s Workout of Body Weight Workout* – ICP and  DB Matrix with some fresh air and sunshine like me today (the fresh air is so revitalizing it should be as essential to MAP as water I feel.

After having been doing MAP a while notice one thing …correction…..noticed in my journal (all you are keeping one of course 😉    that whenever didn’t feel up to doing a workout, or was busy… word….one Video….Really helped me.

What is this video you say….no it’s not about making a journal….lol !!

It is about an amazing word.

One that if we visualize it ~

We say it out loud as we visualize ~

Then we ACT on it !!!

Ok….OK….you say What is the word already !!

It is ~ Persevere!!!

So when scheduling that workout, organizing that meal, or just plain getting in gear to make this day



This moment….

And the Next….

Where you have the Attitude to Persevere !!!

Go ! Go ! Folks !!

Remember to MAP (as in map out and prepare) your day !!!

Here’s that video I promised you and hope it helps you too !!!

Please give it a moment to load, then enjoy everyone !!  😉

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