Happy TGIF and New Challenges !!!

Wonderful Water and IF

Wonderful Water and IF

Well, here we are Friday. Wow!! Times flies. It feels good to see making progress, the journal has been a Huge help and motivator. It’s equally Great to hear from You !!

The new Body Weight workout is refreshing. Enjoyed it outside on the balcony this morning. Felt so good to move the body, where it feels both flexible, moving smoothly, while feeling power too. Paced it this first time to get a good feel for the exercises while doing deep breathing within each movement too.

The dive bomb exercise really opened up my upper body in moving I’ve noticed.  Then the Squat and Roll Back as I’ve nick named it recharged and opened my spine. Felt more centered and loose, even though it’s an exercise.

Noticed a controlled High Carb Day yesterday has me feeling ready for todays new challenges.Have heard that fat can burn in the flame of carbs and now know it’s true. Use the carbs from the previous High Carb day to fuel your workout today along with IF.

Great moves and plan Dax. Now time to prepare for IF. Have heard about it and now with the straight up on it from Dax am ready to get into it.

Best to everyone!!

Remember Water is your Friend 😉

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