Thursday = Meltdown – ICP – DB Matrix ~ Oh Yeah !!!

Overcoming and Celebrating

Overcoming and Celebrating

Hey Folks,

I’ll be honest, when first seeing Meltdown AND DB Matrix in the same day….

I KNEW was in for some Rockin’ workouts, fat burning, sweating, and most of all….Feeling Great!!!

What…You say Man, you must be sick or something. No, not really. Yeah, really felt it after the workouts …..BUT….. the reason for feeling is Great is………………..

The RESULTS of Accomplishment !!!!!

Then to enjoy some delicious foods to rebuild and re-energize helped too !!

Best part of all ~ Did the DB Matrix four times. A goal had planned to achieve by the end of the week and felt sooooooooo Good to accomplish. Feel how accomplished it was in listening to the body, and accepting the challenge of improving in some way every day!! Those small changes = Great Results !!!

Go for the Challenge ~ Do It for YOU ~ Share the Results ~ Enjoy !!!   😀

Wish a Successful day to everyone in workouts and Plans too !!!

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2 Responses to Thursday = Meltdown – ICP – DB Matrix ~ Oh Yeah !!!

  1. Andrew says:

    I have to say that I am totally impressed with your blog! Great job and I wish you the best on the M.A.P. experiment. I’ve been keeping up with a number of blogs – but somehow I missed yours. Apologies – really.

    Keep up the great content and I wish you all the best. I’ll be stopping by now that I know you are here. Take care

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