Saturday + Sunday ~

Eye of the Storm ~ Calmness

Eye of the Storm ~ Calmness

Well, it started off Great….that is until the internet and electricty went down.

However, this didn’t stop my MAP time !!!

The nice part of Dax’s MAP, is it is so adaptable to do, as well as fit into virtually any schedule. Even my recently crazy one.

Feel the weekends are an excellent time to do the 3Rs.

They are:

Reflect: Check journal, make notes.

Review: successes, challenges, areas needing attention.

Revise: Make adjustments where needed. Such as better preparation for nutrition as in packing lunch, sometimes even dinner, or when traveling, MAP foods that keep the energy going and lots of the best drink on earth…..

H2O Water    😉

P.S. Looking forward to the 3D Dumbell Matrix workouts !!!

Remember the most Successful Plan ~ Was Planned !!!

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