M is for Monday and….Matrix…3D Matrix that is ~

Jumping for Success !!

Jumping for Success !!

Hi Folks,

Wow !!! The new workout….if you want to call it that, since it helped my joints feel better than any weight workout I’ve ever done…and felt GREAT after wards to boot.

First the pace the reps are done is both really working my muscles more than have felt in a looooonng time. That is good….and ……WOW !!  It really got those muscle’s saying “Hey what’s going on there, we better tone up and get some fat burning here !!!” Or at least it sure felt they were saying that.

Next, liked the Reverse Press that really helped my shoulders (they have issues since was hit by a car a few months ago). Then there was the funky Y press. Just plain cool, and my shoulders actually felt better afterward instead of stiff.

Think most of all, have noticed how with the MAP nutrition plan, have recovered quicker, more steady energy throughout the day, AND…….got through it twice.

Looking forward to seeing the results from this week, since been really honing in on MAP nutrition, as well as getting in the workouts, even if it means packing a change of clothes to do on a break. But …It is Worth IT!!! Feeling 1oox better…..and not finished yet !!!  😉

Have a Good One Folks!!!

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