It’s time for some Rockin’ Pyramids – Meltdowns with some ICPs too !!!

Catching that Golden Moment ~

Catching that Golden Moment ~

Today folks, can actually say enjoyed doing the Pyramid and Meltdown. Felt so good to sweat and get the circulation moving. Think my current favorite is the Pyramid because it feels so good to see the progress in it.

Is it just me, or is that Wave Diet really burning that F…A….T like a scorcin’ hot summer day. So amazing to think, how each little step….the workouts, catching the “Wave” diet that is, together would have sooooo much impact on progress than would have thought possible even separately.

This morning was some freshly seasoned (from my new garden) chicken, some of my “Vege Medley” I like calling it. Which is a mixture of cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, with a hint of garlic, and fresh lemon juice.  Really started my day with energy and then some thanks to the morning Pyramid.

It was funny, my collegues asked me this morning how I get my energy, drink a El-Grande Starbucks or something. Said nah, just enjoyed the Pyramid and a Rockin breakfast !!!

Now they want to know more, especially since I look, feel, younger, AND even actually enjoy my day too !!
Here’s to you making the best of each Golden Moment Today too !!!

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2 Responses to It’s time for some Rockin’ Pyramids – Meltdowns with some ICPs too !!!

  1. yulchik2010 says:

    Hey, hello:) thanks s much for your comment today! It really helped me to boost my motivation! I didnt realize that somebody was reading my blog LOL but it is amazng to have support! Thanks! I like your blog style and different funny pictures and videos:) you are doing really well, congratulations:) I also like the pyramid and progressing really quick on it. Well done that you feel so good on protein diet, I cant get used to it still:)
    Good luck with your progress!
    Have an awsome day!:)) Yulia

    • Hi Yulia,

      Your very welcome. Glad to have helped 🙂
      Also, glad you like the blog style. Hope it can be positive, light hearted, while being
      motivating some too !!

      Perhaps for the protein, try using different protein foods with vegetables and hope you
      find that delish (delicious) combo to make it happen too.

      All the Best to your Success Yulia!!! Go ~ Go !!!

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