Thursday ~ One more day till Friday !!

Power of YOU !!!

Power of YOU !!!

Hey Folks,

My title is what I like saying to myself when having a challenging week.

And it brings up a good point of the power of the mind !!!

To share with you a little lesson one of my teachers shared with me once.

The energy of a goal….begins within your Mind!!

In other words, your thoughts. Think of your goal, make it as crystal clear as possible, and do this every morning before you start your day.

Next he said is the Power of your Words!!

Your words are making your thoughts a reality just by you hearing them….be it positive OR negative…..for me I would chose Positive !!!!
Again make them as descriptive and consise as possible.

Finally, the icing on the cake, so to speak…….YOUR ACTIONS!!!!

Completing what you began with your idea….YOUR GOAL !!!

So for MAP let’s each morning think a crystal clear picture of our goal, then speak it out loud in detail, how you will feel, look, enjoy newfound heath and energy, even other’s compliments to you 😉    Finally the sweet rewards of your ACTIONS….

However, it all begins with this one word.

What is it…..

Choice !!!!

You choose….and YOU did Dax’s MAP…..

So let’s get to uniting our:

Thoughts ~ Visualize

Words ~Verbalize

Actions ~ Actualize

Then enjoy the Sweet Victory of Choice 😉

Have a Great One Folks !!!

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