Wednesdays ~ Mid Week Reflecting !

My best friend ~ My Journal !!

My best friend ~ My Journal !!

Hi Folks,

If you’re like me, by the time you’re half way progressing on something you like to reflect and check your progress. This is GREATLY helped by a journal. A journal is like a map, diary, and motivator all in one. How do you like that for power!!

A journal has helped me see what techniques worked best, best nutrition and ideas, even best times AND worst times when working out to improve on them or capitalize on the Good ones !!!  😉

That is why it’s Great keeping the blog and especially a journal with you, to motivate you when you feel down from a bad day at work, driving home, or whatever. Another thing it helps is …..

Did you guess it ?!

Show your progress !!! That can be in improved time, do more work in less time, or even doing the same work in less time.

So don’t forget one of your VERY best friends, always there ready to help you….

Your journal !!!

Have a Great workout and Day Everyone !!!

Please share your thoughts about this and how a journal has helped you !!!!

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