Tuesday’s are for Living !!

Focus ~ Do It !!

Focus ~ Do It !!

Who said you have to wait for the weekend to enjoy your day?!

Enjoy life, Live each step of your Goals. Think about why is it that some people stop or quit ….

Fear, fear is a very subtle thing. It starts off very mild in the form of anxiety and being uncomfortable. Then it goes all the way to major anxiety and terror. Finally it goes to despair. Literally, there is a whole set of fears and conversations associated to those fears that diminish the quality of whom you are capable of being. They do not want to believe it and they do not want to be responsible for what they get done. It is a lot easier to not be responsible then to do what you say that you are going to do.

Why not start Living Now…Today… This moment ?!

Let me guess…But, What about, etc.  Well that little etc. says a lot about your Focus.

Let me share something about focus from a friend:

Can you say yes to the following questions, then you can finish anything:

  1. Are you willing to make a choice? Very rarely do people make choices that fundamentally effect their lives. For example, changing channels on the TV is not something that fundamentally effects your life. You have to step up to the plate and make a fundamental life changing choice.
  2. Do you have the courage to start now? We get people that make choices but do not do anything to get started. Half the people that made a choice drop out at this stage. They do not take the first step to move in the direction that they want.
  3. Do you have the commitment to finish? You can start, but can you finish? This is where most people disappear. Very few people finish. People can start things, but can they see it through the end? Can they be there when it matters?   …..    There are only two things that stop you from accomplishing whatever it is that you want to do. ….The first one is knowledge and the other….fear.
  4. Best way to handle any fear is to take action.
  5. It’s that conversation with ourselves telling us it is always going to go bad. Thus stopping ourselves before we even have a chance to do it. I define focus as when clarity, concentration, and action converge to create a specific result in the present. When you put the three together with a clearly defined purpose, the odds of failing are almost impossible.

You have to be responsible… and not be a victim to achieve your goals.

Which one is better, being a victim …

or a champion.

When you turn on the news all you hear about is people being victims. Dislike the word, but it is very disempowering. It disables what you are truly capable of being.

~  Think about the most sensational moment that you have ever had in Life then ask yourself, where was your doubt?

This whole conversation about what you cannot be is gone. You have walked away because you were connected to the event.

Finally watch this short video to see a Real example of Focus:

Here’s to focusing on your goals Now ~ Never Giving up  & ……

then LIVE IT !!!  😉

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