Monday ~ Motion !!!

Here is a Great motivational video for all of you…

Know after I saw it felt what is my excuse …..

Today went smooth as I move into the Wave Diet. Coupling it with the Pyramid workouts and other workouts is now actually giving me energy, though toward the end of the day, feel need to recharge some so do some morning and evening Tai Chi along with Mobility exercises too.

Also did Dax’s tips:

1. Keep the fluids high – yes, I know this isn’t new,

but it’s the hardest habit most people try to build
and the one that’s invariably the first to be forgotten.
Drink 1ltr for every 50lbs of body weight.

2. Consume high quality DHEA Omega 3 fish oils –

Fish oils speed up your metabolism and ability to
burn fat. Taking a high dose fish oil supplement
daily will make a REAL difference.

3. Consume slightly more protein than you normally would –

you don’t have to become a protein nut but try to eat more
than you’re used to. Just 1 or 2 eggs a day, a bit of extra meat,
more pulses and nuts if you’re vegetarian.
Just get more and you’ll feel a big difference.

4. Eat more greens – Green veggies like Broccoli,

Kale, Cabbage, Turnip etc They contain huge quantities of
antioxidants that will really speed up the detox and get
you faster results.

5. Eat some spicy food – Get a few spicy meals such as chili,

curry etc into your weekly diet. The spices speed up
metabolism like crazy and also assist with detoxification…

Dax….You are the MAN!!!
Hope his tips help you too !!!
Here’s to another successful day of MAP and remember as in the video ~ Never Give Up !!!!  😉
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