Saturday, Wow 7 days of MAP !!!

Beautiful Start to a Beautiful Day of Achievement !!!
Beautiful Start to a Beautiful Day of Achievement !!!

Hey Folks,

Today used up most of the ED food and getting ready to go shopping for the next stage of MAP the Wave Diet. After reading it, especially some of Dax’s suggestions, it actually sounds like it will be refreshing to both body (new delicious dishes) and mind ( some change is good  😉

Noticed today, how easy it was to meet friends, while still adhereing to the ED plan. In fact, it is fun to be creative when you know the guidelines, it can breathe a spark of freshness into it I found. Besides enjoying my friends asking how I look so full of energy after such a crazy busy week….and …….that I’ve lost weight, look much healthier. Now THAT is awesome motivation folks!!!

So far now have lost 3 inches from my waist, added some overall muscle, so scale is not a complete guide on this. However, to have accomplished this while not feeling dog tired, or eating some weird diet pills, just simple ED planning and Rockin’ workouts that add give energy instead of long boring gym workouts from before. Best of all, have improved in strength, stamina, energy, AND on top of all that….lost some much unwanted Fat…Bye Bye ~

Hope everyone is making Great progress, but I like to think whenever challenged, if I learn something, then apply it, THAT is progress !!!
Best of Success to ya’ Folks !!

Here’s to a New week of MAP and ever closer to my goals !!!

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