Friday ~ Happy TGIF !!!

Happy TGIF !!

Happy TGIF !!

Well Folks,

Finishing off the first week feels good. Learned a LOT to be truthful.

First was how much don’t need stimulants like my morning coffee or even tea. Next, I was experiencing low energy not from needing MORE coffee, but from needing LESS, because was getting dehydrated and never truly realized how much this affects your energy level, especially throughout the day. Now my friend is my water, and a good friend too.
Getting the knack of Ed has really helped me since I travel some, and have a busy schedule. Best part, it really IS easy to do this, just step by step.  Have to say, at first missed some comfort foods, but they were soon replaced with healthier energy foods that actually taste GREAT !!!

Looking forward to what Dax has in store for Sunday….Know with each challenge overcome, I’m a step closer to that Goal !!!  Yeah !!!

Btw: Happy TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday  😉

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