Wednesday is Looking Good !!

Living ~ Breathing ~ Enjoying !!!

Living ~ Breathing ~ Enjoying !!!

Really starting to notice the additional energy from the exercise, fresh water, even positive attitude.

Best part, is Dax has made it sooooo organized with his material. Today actually enjoyed the deep breathing from the Meltdown. The sweat felt purifying while recharging too.

Getting into what to pack for my lunch at work, while having meals prepared in advance, yet be healthy too.

Notice the Mobility work has actually helped me gain MORE mobility now !!! Reason say this, a few month’s ago, a car hit my motorcycle (the car drove through a red light). Though I started to swerve so as not to be hit head on, he still caught the back of my motorcycle. This caused damage to my shoulder, hip, and some spine stiffness as well. Though therpy went well, along with yoga and Tai Chi classes. Notice the MAP plan and Elimination Diet has also helped my body to further heal and actually function better too !!

Remember to Live ~ Breathe ~ Enjoy Life, and the new body and mind your achieving with Dax’s MAP !!!
Best Always !!!

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