Tuesday’s Progress

Well, as Tuesday is here, felt just a little sore, until did the mobility exercises. Afterward, felt like someone had untied my body, the energy felt Good !!

Today’s Meltdown went smoother, since am getting into the exercises and focusing more on relaxing my breathing while doing it. That really helped me toward the end.

What is REALLY revitalizing, I’ve found is the lemon water. Usually have a morning coffee, but this was a much more refreshing while getting prepared for the morning session.

Made a special note to place a water bottle throughout my home as well as at work to stay hydrated. By the way, adding the sea salt like Dax mentioned DID help in less frequent ‘pit stops’ from drinking the additional water….

Try it ~ It really works!!!

For today, since had to travel some, enjoyed breakfast, then having prepared my meals the night before made morning prep-time go quicker and smoother too!

Another very interesting point Dax brings up in the Elimination Diet that has especially made a difference in feeling satisfied along with energy (without the java) was making sure to include protein in every meal.  The meal planner gave me some guide lines then it was as simply as checking the options.

It was so easy to pack some fresh apples, nuts and seeds to enjoy no matter how busy the day becomes.

Ended the day with the Power Circuit, and this time the reps went easier, in fact, felt even better enjoying a hot shower to help with the detox. Can actually say, though feel a little tired, think from both a very crazy busy day, but had more energy throughout than before (even with help from coffee). So definitely making progress.

Have a Good One Folks !!!

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